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Robert Patrick's Cino Pages



Early Plays, Late Plays, Gay Plays  

Includes an image of a "Dames At Sea" poster and photos of early plays by Dorothy Parker, Doric Wilson, Edith Laurie, Tom Eyen, Sam Shepard, Claris Nelson, Paul Foster, Daniel Haben Clark, David Starkweather, Harry M. Koutoukas, Soren Agenoux, William M. Hoffman, Robert Patrick, Lanford Wilson and Bob Heide.
Included are photos of Ron Faber, Helen Honkamp, Joe Cino, Larry Neil Clayton, Paxton Whitehead, Jane Lowry, Gary Filsinger, Norma Bigtree, Edith Laurie, Clara Hover, Helen Hanft, Jayne Harris, David Starkweather, Soren Agenoux, Lanford Wilson, Arnold Horton, Judith L'Heureux, Paul Boesing, Connie Clark, Shellie Feldman, Kay Carney, Ron Hansen, Charles Stanley, Donald L. Brooks, William M. Hoffman, Robert Patrick, Ondine, Tom Bigornia, Neil Flanagan, Lucy Silvay, Jim Jennings and Walter McGinn.

 The Cino Year By Year

Includes reproductions of flyers/posters for "So Who's Afraid Of Edward Albee", "Empire State" and Joe Cino's Rockettes pennant.

Includes photos of Joe Cino, Johnny Torrey, Linda Eskenas, Ron Willoughby, Frank Murphy, Davida Manning, Richard Smithies, Hope Stansbury, Haal Borske, Maya Kenin, Michael Warren Powell, Pat Holland, Charles Stanley, Walter McGinn, George Linjeris, Jacque Lynn Colton, Ondine, Mary Waranov, Merrill Mushroom, Harry M. Koutoukas, Deborah Lee, Johnny Dodd, Silvienne Strauss, Dan Leach, George Birimisa, Steven Davis, Connie Clark, Helen Hanft, Lucy Silvay and Robert Frink.

Addenda: the undatable "Invocation" photo is of Johnny Dodd and Joe Cino rather than Charles Stanley and Joe Cino, and is from Harry Koutoukas' "All Day For A Dollar" or "Crumpled Christmas" produced for several weeks in December 1965 and January 1966.

 Miss A Week, And You Missed A World

Includes performance photos from plays by Tom Eyen, Robert Heide, Soren Agenoux, Paul Foster, Lanford Wilson, Harry M. Koutoukas, Claris Nelson and Lanford Wilson.
Includes photos of Mari-Clair Charba, Jacque Lynn Colton, Jim Jennings, Victor LiPari, Jane Buchanan, Michael Warren Powell, John Kramer, Claris Nelson, Linda Eskenas, Anthony Sciabona, Charles Stanley, Carole Silon, Magie Dominic, Haal Borske, Ann Sachs and Jennie Ventriss.

Addenda: the photo of Linda Eskenas(and Anthony Sciabona) is from a Theatre Genesis production of Harry M. Koutoukas' "Medea", directed by Warren Finnerty, October of unknown year.

Includes performance photos from productions of "Hello From Bertha" and "Episode".

Includes early photos of Joe Cino, Mary Boylan, Ron Faber, Helen Honkamp, Robert Dahdah, Gary Filsinger, Allegra Jostad, Leigh Dean, Richard Smithies, Bob Costa, Elizabeth Shanklin, Moletta Reagan, Charlotte Oberly, Wally Androchuck, Marion Gaines, Gwen Van Dam, Gary Haynes and Joe Davies.

The Silent Era - Joe Cino and His Friends 

Included in photos are Charles Lubier, Bill Mitchell, Glenn Du Bose, Keith Carsey, young Robert Dahdah, young Richard Smithies, young Mary Boylan, Joe Davies, Joe Cino, Steve Cino, Richard Cino, Gaspar Cino

Includes photos of "Aria da Capo" by Millay, "Head And Shoulders" by James Arntz and "Bobino".

Probably First Cino Play Flyer

Magie Dominic provided a copy of flyer for readings of plays, February 7, 1980. The plays are "A Christmas Memory" and "The Importance Of Being Ernest" by Oscar Wilde.

Rowland Scherman’s 1960 Caffe Cino Photos 

Includes photos of Rowland Scherman, Joe Cino, Joe Davies, Charles Lubier, Fred Willard, Shirley Stoler and Judy Berkowitz.

Ben Martin’s 1961 Caffe Cino Photos 

Includes many photos from early productions at Caffe Cino taken by Ben Martin, Time magazine's first staff photographer.  His photograph of "Camino Real" by Tennessee Williams was the first performance photo from Caffe Cino published:  February 10, 1961, Tme magazine.

Included in photos are Shirley Stoler and Janet Hessler.

In addition to interiors of Caffe Cino, four other photos of Greenwich Village venues are included.

  Michael Smith's 1963 Cino Play I Like It

The script of the first play that Michael wrote including circumstances for writing it.

 How The Cino Looked 1

Includes exterior and interior photos of the Caffe Cino, and photos of plays by Yvonne Rainer, Larry Loonin, H. M. Koutoukas and Lanford Wilson. There are also photos of Caffe Cino audiences.
Includes photos of Yvonne Rainer, Joe Davies, Judith Eckhardt, Michael Warren Powell, Joanna Miles, Robert Dahdah, Ron Link, Charles Stanley, Elizabeth Shanklin, Joe Cino, Claris Nelson, Marshall W. Mason, John Herbert McDowell, "Dames At Sea" cast, Edward Barton, Harry M. Koutoukas, Lucy Silvay, Tom Bigornia and Neil Flanagan.
Addenda: Elizabeth Shanklin--I remember this actress as Candace Scott, JDG.

 How The Cino Looked 2 Incidents-1964

Includes photos of the interior of the Caffe Cino with audiences and performers and a performance photo from "Incidents" by Yvonne Rainer.
Includes photos of Yvonne Rainer, Larry Loonin, Robert Dahdah and Neil Flanagan.

 How the Cino Looked-3

A photo showing the rehearsal of "Dames At Sea".

Michael Smith’s 2009 play about an evening at the Cino in 1965

"Summer Lightning"  by Michael Smith    (2009 - about an evening at the Cino in 1965)

Includes performance photographs of this play produced at the Brush Creek Playhouse in Silverton, Oregon opening June 12, 2009.  This production was directed by the author.

The play script for the play is included.

How We Looked Off Off

Includes photos of Linda Eskenas, Ellen Stewart, Lucy Silvay, Lanford Wilson, Kenny Burgess, Edward Barton, Joyce Aaron, Joe Cino, Leonard Melfi, Maria Irene Fornes, Harry M. Koutoukas, Jeannie Lanson, Robert Patrick, Marshall W. Mason, Hope Stansbury, Allegra(Jostad probably ), William M. Hoffman, Tom O'Horgan, Sam Shepard, Johnny Dodd, Doric Wilson, Michael Warren Powell, Donald L. Brooks, Andrew Starr, Keith Carsey and Walter Michael Harris

Playing Dress-Up: Costume Shows

Includes performance photos from plays by Tom Eyen, Paul Foster, Robert Patrick, Peter Hartman, Soren Agenoux, Schiller, and Claris Nelson.

Includes photos of Lucy Silvay, Irving Metzman, Shirley Stoler, Charles Stanley, Neil Flanagan, Magie Dominic, Ted Harris, Robert Shields, Eddie Leavitt, Tanya Berezin, Paul Foster, Jacque Lynn Colton, Ondine, Claris Nelson, Donald L. Brooks, Soren Agenoux, Arnold Horton and Bobby Kubera.

Let The Dames Begin!

Includes performance photos and reproductions of a flyer, cartoons and posters from the George Haimsohn and Robin Miller play.
Includes photos of Bernadette Peters, Robert Dahdah, David Christmas, Norma Bigtree, Sandra Bigtree, Jeanne Bigtree, Joe Cino, Donna Forbes, Chris Barrett, Gary Filsinger, Jill Roberts and Don Price.

Icons and Influences

Includes photos removed from Caffe Cino walls depicting Jean Harlow, Kate Smith, Jim Stryker and Maria Montez, some reproductions of covers from favored books such as "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "On The Road" and from commercial theatre posters like "Rashomon" and "The Seventh Seal" and some appropriate covers from old magazines..

Includes performance photos from plays by Doric Wilson, Paul Foster, Robert Patrick, Lanford Wilson, Charles Stanley, Tom Eyen, Josef Bush and William M. Hoffman. Also included are a Theatre Of The Eye poster and a still photo from the movie "I Shot Andy Warhol".

Included are photos of Keith Carsey, George Linjeris, Robert Shields, Donald Kvares, Marshall W. Mason, John Herbert McDowell, Charles Stanley, Mari-Clair Charba, Helen Hanft, Phoebe Wray, Robert Patrick, Lili Taylor, Robbie McCauley, Bill Haislip, Steven Davis and Connie Clark.
“Indecent Exposure,” by Robert Patrick-A Caffe Cino Play- 1966

Includes program for the original Caffe Cino production.
Includes photos of George Linjeris and Donald Brooks.
Also included is the play script for "Indecent Exposure".

Beauty and Death

Includes performance photos from plays by Tom Eyen, Donald L. Brooks, Charles Stanley, Harry M. Koutoukas and Joe Renard.
Includes photos of Mari-Clair Charba, Reynolds Callender, Charles Stanley, Joseph Pichette, Gary Swartz, Connie Clark, Edith Laurie, Sylvienne Strauss, Hope Stansbury, Bernadette Peters, Magie Dominic, Linda Eskenas, Phoebe Wray, Jane Lowry, Mary Waronov, Claris Nelson, Deborah Lee/Lawlor, Zita Litvinas, Lucy Silvay, Matt Baylor, William M. Hoffman, Jim Jennings, Bill Haislip, Dean Selmier, Lanford Wilson, Michael Warren Powell, Steven Van Vost/Davis, Peter Brown, Victor LiPari, John Gilman, David Christmas, Fredric Forrest and Keith Carsey.
Odds and Ends – 1

Includes photos of Ruth Yorck, Charles Stanley, Neil Flanagan, Mary Boylan, Michael Alaimo, Robert Shields, Magie Dominic, Ann Sachs and Donald Kvares. Also includes article excerpts from Time magazine and the Village Voice.

Odds and Ends – 2

Includes a cartoon and performance photos of "Camera Obscura", a poetry reading, "At War With The Mongols", "Pinochio", "Good Woman Of Setzuan", "The Madonna In The Orchard", "America Hurrah", "Love Song For Mrs. Boaz" and "Rolls Of Gold".

Includes photos of Magie Dominic, Peter Orlovsky, Moondog, Conrad Ward, Kenny Burgess, Ron Link, John Gilman, Robert Patrick, Jeff Weiss and Donald L. Brooks.

Odds and Ends – 3

Includes reproductions of posters for plays by Jean-Claude van Itallie, The Open Theatre, Josef Bush, Tom Eyen and David Starkweather.
Includes photos of William Archibald, Jane Lowry, Adam James, Toni Ann Cino, Steve Cino Jr., Joe Cino III, Merrill Harris, Michael Warren Powell, Maya Kenin, Joanna Miles, Claris Nelson, Michael Smith, Robert Dahdah and a remnant of a Caffe Cino exterior door.

Gay Plays at the Cino

Includes photos of scenes from "Deathwatch", "Now She Dances", "The Madness Of Lady Bright", "The Singing Lesson", "Neon In The Night: A Revenge Comedy", "The Haunted Host", "The Bed", "Good Night, I Love You", "Moon" and "War". Also posters from "One Arm", "Lullabye For A Dying Man", "The Bed", "Sex Is Between Two People", "A Funny Walk Home", "The Brown Clown" and "Daddy Violet".

Includes photos of Dean Selmier, Neil Flanagan, Cazmir Garas, Connie Clark, Tillie Gross, Claris Nelson, Frank Manuella, William M. Hoffman, Robert Patrick, Jim Jennings, Lisa Jasper, Hank Henderson, Robert Dahdah, Neil Flanagan, Jeff Weiss, George Harris III, John Gilman, Robert Frink, Haal Borske, Victor LiPari, Mari-Clair Charba, Michael Warren Powell and Carol Getzoff.

45 Years of The Haunted Host by Robert Patrick

Posters displayed include the first poster for the original production "The Haunted Host", created by Lanford Wilson, 1964. other posters and flyers are from:
 New York City, 1969.
 Amsterdam, 1969.
 London, 1974.
 Boston, 1975.
 New York City, 1975.
 New York City, 1979.
 New York City, 1981.
 Johannesburg, 1982.
 New York City, 1991.
 Corneia street in New York City, 2005.
 New Orleans, 2004.
 honorific reading in Los Angeles, 2008.

Performance photos include actors Bob Patrick, William Hoffman, David Gallagher, Anthony Moscini, Harvey Fierstein, Jesse May and Christopher Berg.

Individual actor photos from Amsterdam, London, Boston, New Orleans, Los Angeles and New York City, 1975.

Also included is the play script for "The Haunted Host".

Posters and Flyers

Includes posters from "Flyspray", "Moon", "Melancholia", "The Haunted Host", "Poet's Vaudeville", "Dames At Sea", "Donovan's Johnson", "Only A Countess May Dance When She's Crazy", a Judson dance concert flyer, program cover for Tribute to Joe Cino, "The Madness Of Lady Bright", program cover for Lincoln Center Library and Museum of Performing Arts tribute exhibit to Caffe Cino, "The Family Joke", "Jam Today" and "America Hurrah".

More Posters and Flyers

Includes the great photo of Joe Cino holding the mirrored ball, also posters from "Thank You Miss Victoria", "And He Made A Her", "Pretty People", "Bathsheba", "A Recollection Of Cabbage Roses", "The Office", "A Desolate Place Near A Deep Hole", "A Day For Surprises", "The Vaseline Photographer", "Newsletters", "Vinyl", "The Madness Of Lady Bright", "Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down", "Home Free", "Balls" and a Cino Benefit cover of Writers Stage program.

Forged Cino Posters by Robert Patrick-2009

Contains new posters for original Caffe Cino plays.  Bob shows his Photoshop abilities to good advantage.

Includes posters for   "Carlos Among The Candles" by Wallace Stevens;  "Aria da Capo" by Edna St. Vincent Millay;  "The Clown" by Claris Nelson;  "The Bed" by Robert Heide;  "Why Hannah's Skirt Won't Stay Down" by Tom Eyen;    Easter All Star Spectacular!";  "Home Free" by Lanford Wilson;  "And He Made A Her" by Doric Wilson;  "Medea" or "Maybe The Stars May Understand" or "Veiled Strangeness, a Ritualistic Camp" by Harry Koutoukas;  "Hurrah For The Bridge" by Paul Foster";  "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" conceived by Charles Stanley;  "Icarus's Mother" by Sam Shepard;  "Vistas Of The Heart Unveiled" by Peter Hartman;  "Caffe Cino Repertory Players";  "The Chairs" by Eugene Ionesco;  "The White Whore And The Bit Player" by Tom Eyen;  "The Haunted Host" by Robert Patrick;  "Easter All Star Spectacular" with an all star cast of Cino Rockettes.

Plays and Personalities 1

Includes images of posters and performance photos of plays by Lanford Wilson, Tom Eyen, George Haimsohn, Robin Miller, James Wise, Paul Foster and Robert Patrick.
Includes photos of Joe Cino, Johnny Torrey, Mary Boylan, Margaret Miller, Johnny P. Dodd, Mari-Clair Charba, Charles Stanley, Jacque Lynn Colton, Carole Silon, Kenny Burgess, Steve Davis, Bill Haislip, Robert Dahdah, George Harris II, Freddie Dundee, Claudia Tedesco, Walter Michael Harris, Jeannie Lanson, John Herbert McDowell, Deborah Lee and James Waring.

Plays and Personalities 2

Plays and Personalities 2
Includes performance photos of plays by Peter Hartman, Wallace Stevens, Josef Bush, Reginald Rose and Soren Agenoux. A poster of Charles Stanley's "Snow White".
Includes photos of Charles Stanley, Deborah Lee, Marshall W. Mason, Lanford Wilson, Hope Stansbury, Johnny Torrey, Joe Cino, Neil Flanagan, Jackie Flanagan, Joseph Davies, Bob Dahdah, Andy Milligan, Jeff Weiss, Sam Shepard, Tom O'Horgan, Ruth Krauss, Phoebe Wray, Tommy Garland, Donald L. Brooks, David Gallagher, Zita Litvinas, Bill Haislip, Bob Lawlor, Kenny Burgess, Magie Dominic, Keith Carsey, Milton Wyatt and Jacque Lynn Colton.

 Pretty Pictures

Included are performance photos from "Massachessetts Trust", "The Vamp", "The Madonna Of The Orchard", "A Quick Nut Bread To Make Your Mouth Water", "The Haunted Host", "How I Came To Be Here", "The Golden Circle", "Statue", "Angels Of Light", "The Gingham Dog", "The Dirtiest Show In Town", "Orpheus And Amerika", "Joyce Dynel" and "The Serpent".
Includes photos of Mari-Clair Charba, James Waring, Deborah Lee, Walter Burns, Hortense Alden, Blanche Dee, Joseph Pichette, William M. Hoffman, Joe Cino, The LaMama Hollywood Troupe, Bill Haislip, Denny Leone, Marilyn Roberts, Ron Link, Eloise Harris, Michael Warren Powell, Madeleine Le Roux, Ellen Gurin, Bob Schrock, Janet Hessler, Bill Mitchell and Victor LiPari.

Addenda: Michael Warren Powell in "The Gingham Dog" was at New Dramatists, March 1, 1968. This is prior to birth of Circle Repertory. The theater, on East Fourth street across from Cafe La Mama, was also called Truck and Warehouse Theater. New Dramatists was the Producer.

Funny Fotoz

Includes photos of Robert Patrick, Joe Papp, Paul Boesing, Deborah Lee, Beverly Grant, Lucy Silvay, Lanford Wilson, Tom O'Horgan, Helen Hanft, Madeleine La Roux, Magie Dominic, Connie Clark, Claris Nelson, Johnny Dodd, Charles Stanley, Harry M. Koutoukas and Warren Finnerty.
 Funny Publicity Fotoz

Includes photos of Tom Eyen, Elsa Tresko, Mary Mitchell, William Duff Griffin, Ron Link, Helen Hanft, Charles Stanley, Deborah Lee, James Waring, _____________, Sam Shepard, Rita Howard, Brice Howard, Ellen Stewart, Enid Michelson, Don Hallock, Tom O'Horgan, Lucy Silvay, Marvin Peisner, Bill Mitchell, Marshall W. Mason, Lanford Wilson, Bill Haislip, Jean-Claude Van Itallie, Rosalyn Drexler, Harry M. Koutoukas, Leonard Melfi, Paul Foster and Maria Irene Fornes.

Playwrights in the Cino XXXXXXXX

Includes photos of Doric Wilson, Claris Nelson, Ron Willoughby, Dan Leach, George Birimisa, Michael Smith, Soren Agenoux, Charles Stanley, Peter Hartman, Lanford Wilson, David Starkweather, Robert Patrick, William M. Hoffman, Donald Kvares, Hope Stansbury, Haal Borske, Al Carmines, Maria Irene Fornes, Harry M. Koutoukas, Larry Kornfeld, Phoebe Wray, George Haimsohn, James Wise, Tom Eyen, Joe Cino, Magie Dominic, Helen Hanft, John Schmeder, Steven Davis, Robert Dahdah and Mary Mitchell.

Selling Out? Buying In? Commercial Moves.

Broadway and Off-Broadway productions by Cino Artists.

Includes posters from "Talley's Folly" by Lanford Wilson, directed by Marshall W. Mason.  "Dreamgirls" by Tom Eyen.  "Six Degrees Of Separation" by John Guare.  "Elizabeth 1" by Paul Foster.  "Hair"  by Gerome Ragni, James Rado, directed by Tom O'Horgan, with cast including Walter M. Harris and Marjorie LiPari.  "Jesus Christ Superstar" directed by Tom O'Horgan.  "Kennedy's Children" by Robert Patrick.  "As Is" by William M. Hoffman, directed by Marshall W. Mason with cast including Claris Nelson.  "Dames At Sea" by George Haimsohn, Robin Miller and Jim Wise with cast including Bernadette Peters.  "America Hurrah" by Jean-Claude van Itallie with cast including Joyce Aaron and Cynthia Harris.  Copy of poster from "Collision Course" by Lanford Wilson, Robert Patrick, Sam Shepard and Oliver Hailey.

Includes a copy of the DVD cover of "For The Use Of The Hall" by Oliver Hailey.

includes a copy of photo showing the exterior of the Bowerie Lane Theatre with banner for "De Sade Illustrated".

Includes the copy of a Playbill cover for "Fool For Love" by Sam Shepard.  A copy of cover of Evergreen Showcard for "Now" (Psychedelic Follies" at Caffe Cino) by George Haimsohn and John Aman.  A copy of cover for Theater Week featuring Harvey Fierstein as star for "The Haunted Host" by Robert Patrick.  Includes a copy of a cover fromLos Angeles Metro Bus Schedule for "Dreamgirls" by Tom Eyen.  A copy of a newspaper advertisement?? for "Women Behind Bars" by Tom Eyen for a production in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Includes copy of newspaper notice for "Curly McDimple" by Robert Dahdah and Mary Boylan with cast including Bernadette Peters.  A copy of newspaper advertisement for "Hate" by Josef Bush and Bill Haislip with cast including David Gallagher and Zita Litvinas.  A copy of newspaper advertisement for "Gorilla Queen" by Ron Tavel, directed by lawrence Kornfeld with cast that includeed Norman Thomas, George Harris II, George Harris III and Deborah Lee. A copy of a newspaper advertisement for "Sometime Jam Today" by Story Talbot (first Caffe Cino writer to move a show) with a cast that included Lise Beth.  A copy of a newspaper advertisement (maybe Village Voice) for Michael Alaimo's Commedia Dell' Arte Troupe's production of "Hamlet" at Thirteenth Street Theatre in 1964 after an earlier showing on public access television.

Cino Actors at La Mama

Includes performance photos of plays by David Novak, Haal Borske, Tom Eyen, Jean Reavey, Lanford Wilson, Michael Smith, Johnny Dodd, Remy Charlip, Donald Kvares, Harry M. Koutoukas, Daniel Haben Clark, Robert Patrick, Jean-Claude van Itallie, Claris Nelson, Paul Foster and William Hoffman.

Includes photos of Phoebe Wray, Lee Powell, Magie Dominic, Jeff Weiss, Neil Flanagan, Madelleine LeRoux, Haal Borske, Jacque Lynn Colton, Steven Davis, Claris Nelson, Ann Harris, Harvey Selsby, Sharon Gans, Jeannie Lanson, Joyce Aaron, Robert Dahdah, Charles Stanley, Connie Clark, Irving Metzman, Joseph Pichette, Jennie Ventriss, Bill Metzo, Bill Haislip, Victor LiPari, Tom Lawrence, Michael Griswold, Connie Clark, Neil Flanagan, Lucy Silvay, John Kramer, Helen Hanft, Warren Pincus, Rob Thirkield, Mari-Clair Charba, Tom O'Horgan, Katena Mandas, Michael Warren Powell, Marilyn Roberts, Kevin O'Connor, Spalding Gray and Harvey Keitel.

Addenda: Charles Stanley photo is from Caffe Cino Spring Festival; The unidentified person from Donald Kvares' play in BbAaNnGg! is Katena Mandas.
Lanford Wilson’s La Mama Benefit revue skit

"Miss Williams" - A Skit Written For The Cino By Lanford Wilson - 1962

Performed in "BbAaNnGg!!", a 1965 benefit gala for Cafe La Mama with Sharon Gans, Harvey Selsby and Jeanne Lansan.

Michael Smith and Others’ La Mama Benefit skit

Devoted to the production of  "BbAaNnGg",  presented at Cafe La MaMa,  122 Second Avenue, Greenwich Village in New York City.  November 3, 1965.   Also was produced at Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara, California Sepember, 2007.

Includes photos of Joyce Aaron and Susan Keller.

Includes play script of "More, More, I Want More!"  by Remy Charlip, Johnny Dodd and Michael Smith.

Cino Actors Elsewhere Off-Off XXXXXXXXXX

Included is an image of the flyer/program for "Suicide Notations" by Harry M. Koutoukas

Includes photos of Irving Metzman,Edward Barton, George Bartinieff, Joyce Aaron, Jeanne Lanson, Stephanie Gordon, Neil Flanagan, Norman Thomas Marshall, Harvey Fierstein, Paul Boebling, Jane Lowry, Bill Haislip, Jacque Lynn Colton, William M. Hoffman, Joe Pichette, Dan Leach, Robert Shields, Mary Waronov, Helen Hanft, Barbara Bauer, Chuck Golden, Joe Davies, Haal Borske, Michael Warren Powell, Victor LiPari, Jeffrey Herman, John Borske, William M. Hoffman, Matt Baylor, Rosemary King, Robert Quarry, Keith Carsey, Glenn Du Bose, Joe Chaikin, Barry Kael, Appolo Dukakis, Maggie Dukakis (Maggie Evans), Taylor Mead, J. S. Hall, Rudi Stern, James Hall, Ron Whyte, Jane Roberts, Lisa Persky, Lisa Jane Pwersky, Charles Stanley and Deborah Lee.

Theaters refferred to are Theater for the New City,Old Reliable Theatre Tavern, Playwrights Workshop, WPA, Judson Poets Theater (Judson Church), Sheridan Square Playhouse, Playbox Studio, Village Arena, Castle Theatre, The Spring Street Players, Jan Hus Theatre, 13th Street Theatre, East End Theatre, Caffe Cino, Cafe La Mama, Circle Repertory Theatre, The Cooperative Theatre Club, Kennebunkport Playhouse, Theatre Genesis, Cooper Square Theatre, Sharon Playhouse, Lubbock Dinner Theater and Fire Escape Theatre.

Productions mentioned include "Joyce Dynel" by Robert Patrick, "The Spring Horror Show", "The Sleeping Bag" by Robert Patrick, "Heavy Confetti", "Gorrilla Queen" by Ronald Tavel, "Amerika/Cleopatra" by Jackie Curtis, "This Side of Paradise" adapted by Sydney Sloane, "Evening Raga" by Josef Bush, "X's" by William M. Hoffman, "Georgie Porgie" by George Birimisa, "The Haunted Host" by Robert Patrick, "The Sleeping Bag" by Robert Patrick, "The Golden Circle" by Robert Patrick, "Laugh With Leacock", "The Road Where the Wolves Run" by Claris Nelson, "Fog" by Robert Patrick, "Puddnhead Wilson comic book production, "The Naked Heart", "Splinters", "South Pacific", "Fourteen Hundred Thousand" by Sam Shepard, "Light Up The Sky", "Goodbye Charlie", Suicide Notations" by Harry M. Koutoukas,"King Of The Sun" by Charles Stanley, "Black and White andSparkle Plenty" and "A Fable" by Jean-Claude van Italie.

Cino Actors in Movies and TV

Includes photos of Mary Boylan, Robert Dahdah, Fredric Forrest, Helen Hanft, Haal Borske, Mary Waranov, Sam Shepard, Irving Metzman, Joe Davies, Mari-Clair Charba, Robert Patrick, Robert Shields, Jacque Lynn Colton, Shirley Stoler, Rob Thirkield, Bernadette Peters, Cynthia Harris, Johnny P. Dodd, Haal Borske, Victor LiPari, Tanya Berezin and Al Pacino.

"Barbara" (1970)- An Underground Movie Scandal In Its Time

About the movie, "Barbara".  Included is a poster for the movie, and a couple of creative adventures from Josef Bush and Bill Haislip.

Milligan Movies

Includes photos of Maggie Rogers, Anthony Moscini, Patti Dillon, Neil Flanagan, Lucy Silvay, Magie Dominic, John Borske, Robert Dahdah, Hope Stansbury, Gerald Jacuzzo, Larry Rae, Haal Borske, Joseph Pichette, William M. Hoffman, Bobby Kobera, Matt Baylor, Jackie Flanagan, Julia Willis, Irving Metzman and Joel Thurm.

Hope Stansbury in Milligan Movies and Elsewhere

Includes reproductions of movie posters from "Vapors" and "The Rats Are Coming".

Includes photos of Hope Stansbury, Eric Conklin, Helen Hanft, Gerald Jacuzzo, Larry Ree, John Borske, Patti Dillon, Jack Nicholson, Bill Duffy, Brenda Bergman, John Patrick Hurley, Kevin O'Connor and William M. Hoffman.

Addenda: Photo of William M. Hoffman was taken at the Coda Gallery as he was entering for performance of Harry M. Koutoukas' "Tender Tales" or "Feathers Are For Ramming".

They Acted Everywhere: The Harris Family

The Harris Family
Includes photos of Harris family members in "Myrtilus", "Gorilla Queen", "Children of Light", "Sky High" , "Hibiscus and the Screaming Violets" and "The Sand Castle".

Pictured are George Harris II, Ann Harris, George Harris III, Walter Michael Harris, Mary Lou Harris, Eloise Harris and Jayne Anne Harris. In addition to members of the Harris Family are Kay Carney, Crystal Field, George Bartenieff, Angel Jack Coe, Carolyn Graham, Rocky Roads, Chuck Dancer, Billy Rafferty, Norman Thomas Marshall and Jeannie Lanson.

Lanford Wilson

In addition to Lanford Wilson, photos include, Jack Larson, Terrance McNally, Jules Feifer, Leonard Melfi, Israel Horowitz, Michael Warren Powell, William Archibald, Maya Kenin, Chuck Golden. Neil Flanagan, Bill Hurt, Christopher Reeve, Marshall W. Mason and Richard Thomas.

Also included are reproductions of posters for "The Sand Castle", "This Is The Rill Speaking", "The Haunted Host" and two front covers of the published manuscript for "Fifth Of July".

William M. Hoffman

There are reproductions of book covers for three editions of Bill's "New American Plays" series, "Gay Plays, The First Collection" and "Balm In Gilead".

There are photos of Josef Bush, Tom Eyen, William M. Hoffman(also his father), Robert Patrick, David Starkweather, Jonathan Hogan, Jonathan Hadary, Lily Knight, Teresa Stratas, Bobby Kubera, Blaise Koch, Charles Terrell, Jeffery Herman and Connie Clark.

Claris Nelson and Marshall W. Mason

Includes performance photos from plays by Lanford Wilson, Claris Nelson, William M. Hoffman and Henrik Ibsen.
Includes photos of Lin Kennedy, Daryn Kent, Ron Willoughby, Frank Manuella, Claris Nelson, Michael Warren Powell, Rob Thirkield, Patricia Lindley, Lanford Wilson, Marshall Mason. David Starkweather, Ron Link, Jayne Harris, Victor LiPari, Michael Griswold and Tom Lawrence.

Magie Dominic

Includes reproductions from comic book covers of "Snow White" and "Faust", Magie on The Village Voice front page, also a poster of Magie in Snow White and Magie at the Library of Performing Arts holding a Kenny Burgess poster for "Frustrata".
Includes photos of Magie Dominic, Kenny Burgess, Bob Lawlor, Joe Cino, Saul-Paul Sirag, Otto Mjaanes, Bill Maloney, Robert Dahdah and Doctor Paul Cranefield.

A Cino Play – “The Warhol Machine” by Robert Patrick

Includes a photo of the poster created by Ken Burgess and a photo of Magie Dominic, Haal Borske and Ann Sachs.

Includes the play script for "The Warhol Machine"

Friends - Glenn Du Bose and Keith Carney

Includes photos of Glenn Du Bose, Keith Carney, Deborah Lee, Charles Stanley, Tom O'Horgan, Harvey Milk, Johnny Torrey, Joe Cino, Kenny Burgess, Wren De Antonio, Arnold Horton, Jean-Claude van Itallie, Paul Foster, Tom Eyen, Seth Allen, David Starkweather, Blanche Dee, Tommy Garland, Doric Wilson, Alfie Lynch, Harry M. Koutoukas, Robert Cosmos Savage, Johnny Dodd, David Christmas, Jim Wise, Jacque Lynn Colton, Claris Nelson, Bob Heide, Hope Stansbury, Taylor Mead, Louis Waldon, Robert Patrick, Marshall W. Mason, Jeannie Lanson, Bill Haislip, Renee Mauguin, Robert Dahdah, Paul Foster, Lanford Wilson, William M. Hoffman, Victor LiPari, Ellen Stewart, Phoebe Wray and Lucy Silvay.

Friends 2
Includes photos of Lanford Wilson, Judy Wright, Michael Warren Powell, Marshall W. Mason, Doric Wilson, Rob Thirkield, Robert Frink, Tanya Berezin, David Starkweather, Robert Patrick, Dixie Gilbert, Chuck Golden, Bill Duffy, Mary Lou Harris, Eloise Harris, Jayne Harris, Mary Mitchell, Linda Eskenas, Mary Boylan, Robert Dahdah, Harry M.Koutoukas, Walter Michael Harris, Don Katz, Gordon Tretick, Joyce Tretick, Jim Leeds, David Christmas, Bernadette Peters, F. Story Talbot, Elizabeth Shanklin, Joe Cino, Neil Flanagan, Esther Travers, Joe Davies and Neil Flanagan.

Addenda: Robert Dahdah, Harry M. Koutoukas and Mary Boylan are at Coda Galleries for a performance of Harry's "Tender Tales" or "Feathers Are Foe Ramming". Don Katz is a musician(flute).

Friends 3

Includes photos of an Obie presentation and performance photo from a Tennessee Williams play.

Includes photos of James Waring, Peter Hartman, Jayne Harris, Harry Koutoukas, Jerry Ragni, Gloria Foster, Ellen Stewart, Joe Cino, Michael Smith, Janet Hessler, Bill Mitchell, Shirley Stoler, Lou Zeldis, Charles Stanley, Arnold Horton, Marshall Mason, Robert Patrick, Allison Harper, Robert Shields, Mari-Clair Charba, Tiny Tim, Jacque Lynn Colton, Michael Alaimo, Jane Fonda, John Kramer, Lucy Silvay, Michael Warren Powell, Jackie Curtis, Beth Porter, John Bakos, Kevin O'Connor, Tom Eyen, Claris Nelson, Leonard Melfi, Tom O'Horgan, Victor LiPari and Shellie Feldman.
Friends 4

Includes photos of Dale Joe, John Daly, Gerard Malanga, Michael Smith, Ron Gronhord, Jack Champlin, Gregory Darnopuk, Ken Wollitz, Ondine, Billy Name, Charles Stanley, Dorothy Podber, Binghamton Birdie, Freddie Herko, Dino, Louis Waldon, Andy Warhol, Soren Agenoux, Lance Loud, Warren Finnerty, Harry M. Koutoukas, Johnny P. Dodd, Tommy Garland and Deborah Lee.

Cino People as Characters in Plays

Includes performance photos of plays by Claris Nelson, Donald L. Brooks, William M. Hoffman, Walter Michael Harris, Robert Patrick, Lanford Wilson and Doric Wilson.
Includes photos of Frank Manuella, Claris Nelson, Don Signore, Reynolds Callendar, Hank Henderson, Jonathan Hadary, Jonathan Hogan, Lisa Jasper, Jayne Harris, Walter Michael Harris, Steven Davis, Michael Warren Powell, Johnny Dodd, Shirley Knight, Kenny Burgess, Steve Nelson, Carol Nelson, Bonnie Young, Kevin Bacon, Allan Gassman, Terry Talley, Barry Greenberg, Bambi Everson, Lee Driskill and Bruce Ward.

The Spring Horror Show

Included is an early photo of Caffe Cino interior during a performance and performance photos from a "Spring Horror Show"
Includes photos of Linda Eskenas, Shirley Stoler, Deborah Lee, Harry M. Koutoukas, Robert Dahdah, Walter Michael Harris, John Herbert McDowell, Claris Nelson, Marshall W. Mason, Robert Patrick and George Harris II.

Robert Patrick’s Spring Horror Show Skit, “Cheesecake”

The play script for "Cheesecake" by Robert Patrick.  One page includes a reproduction of a photo of Robert Patrick and Jeannie Lanson.

Fame and the Fire

Includes performance photos of plays by Tom Eyen, Jean-Claude Van Itallie, Gertrude Stein and Lanford Wilson.
Includes photos of Joe Cino, Sam Shepard, Robert Patrick, Harry M. Koutoukas, Ellen Stewart, Edward Albee, Renee Maugin, Judith Eckhardt, Henry Ansel, Ted Harris, David Starkweather, Mary Mitchell, Tom Eyen, Asif Currimbhoy, Claris Nelson, Maria Irene Fornes, Jean Reavey, Robert Heide, Susan Sherman, Lanford Wilson, F. Story Talbot, Paul Foster, William M. Hoffman, James Eliason, Leonard Melfi, Jean-Claude Van Italie, Megan Terry, Linda Eskenas, Helen Hanft, Michael Warren Powell, Diane Fisher, Deborah Lee and Marva Abraham.

The Obie and After Joe’s Death

Includes photos of plays by Claris Nelson, Lanford Wilson, Arthur Williams, George Haimsohn, Robin Miller and James Wise.

Includes photos of Michael Smith, Joe Cino, Edward Barton, Ellen Stewart, the Obie awarded to Joe Cino and Ellen Stewart, Robert Patrick, Lanford Wilson, Marshall W. Mason, Claris Nelson, Philip Clark, Jacque Lynn Colton, Tanya Berezin, Marvin Peisner, Fredric Forrest, Deborah Lee, David Christmas and Bernadette Peters.

Play: “The Trip,” by Eric Krebs

A play about his experience as the Caffe Cino's last doorman.
The playscript and a copy of the flyer is included.

Goldies – Cino People Now

Included are recent photos of Jane Lowry, Doric Wilson, Helen Hanft, Connie Clark, Robert Patrick, Jacque Lynn Colton, Gwen Van Dam, Robert Dahdah, Jennie Ventriss, Hope Stansbury, John Gilman, Robert Heide, John Guare, Daniel Haben Clark, Matt Baylor, Phoebe Wray, Marjorie LiPari, Walter Michael Harris with grandson Joshua, Tom O'Horgan, Mari-Clair Charba, Merrill Harris, Linda Eskenas, George Birimisa, Michael Smith, Paul Foster, Larry Kornfeld, Glenn DuBose, Jim Arntz, Claris Nelson, Peter Ratray, Allegra (Jostad probably), Yvonne Rainer, Marshall W. Mason, Lanford Wilson, William M. Hoffman, Ellen Stewart, Sam Shepard, Al Pacino, Donna Forbes/Deseta, Bernadette Peters, Fredric Forrest and Fred Willard.

Mo’ Goldies

Includes photos, some recent of Kenny Burgess, Gordon and Joyce Tretick, Jacque Lynn Colton, Robert Patrick, Donald L. Brooks, F. Medicine Story Talbot with Ellika, Harvey Tavel, Ronald Tavel and Jean-Claude van Itallie. Fred, Ann, Mary Lou, Walter, Eloise and Jayne Harris gathered for a tribute to George Harris II. Mary Waranov, James D. Gossage, Dean Selmier, Louis Waldon, Haal Borske, Roberta Sklar, John (Genji) Schmeder, Nadya Schmeder, William Clinton, Jeff Weiss and Diane Di Prima.
Yet Mo’ Goldies

Includes recent photos of Magie Dominic, Joel Thurm, Lawrence Sacharow, Michael Locascio, Deborah Lee/Lawlor, Robert Shields, Diana Mae Munch, David Starkweather, Steven Davis, Peter Brown, Harry Koutoukas, Taylor Mead, Ron Faber, Lou Zeldis, Ted Mornel, Ann Sachs, Bob Dagny, Keith Carsey, Milton Wyatt and Joanna Moore.

Goldies Galore

Includes photos of Robin Miller, Don Price, Wilkie Pretorius, Keiko, Donna Forbes/Desetta, David Christmas, Robert Dahdah, George Haimsohn, Sandy Bigtree, Gary Filsinger, Jim Leeds, Richard Smithies, Olympia Vasconcelos, Michael Kahn, Lucy Silvay, Kerry Fittinger, Jim Jennings, Louise Alaimo, Michael Alaimo, Norman Thomas Marshall, Michael Warren Powell, Patti Dillon, John Borske, James Perkinson, Larry Loonin, Terry Alan Smith, Gary Haynes, Valarie Haynes, Ron Colby, David Gallagher, Eric Krebs, Dixie Gilbert, Chuck Golden, Robert Dahdah, Daniel Haben Clark, Angelo Lovullo, Joel Thurm, Jacque Lynn Colton, Robert Patrick, Ted Mornel, John Gilman, Michael Locascio, Michael Butler, Walter Michael Harris, Matt Baylor, Mel England, Robert Heide, Magie Dominic, Mari-Claire CharbaAngela Lansbury, Jean-Claude van Itallie, Ellen Stewart, Lucy Silvay, Kerry Fittinger, Charles Kerbs, Lee Kalcheim, Peter Falk, Jason Alexander, Barnett Kaleman, Craig Lucas, Peter Ratray,  Lanford Wilson, Diana Mae Munch, Steve Susoyev and George Birimisa.

Sites of photos include Cafe LaMaMa, One Institute Los Angeles, Corneia Street Cafe, Rose's Turn Piano Bar, Judson Memorial Church in New York City, Santa Monica pier, "Defiled" set and the choir loft of Chapel Of Saint Francis de Sales in Phoenicia, New York.

 The Lincoln Center Cino Tribute – 1985

Includes photos of Richard Buck, Magie Dominic, John Borske, Donald Kvares, Robert Dahdah, Edward Barton, Jacque Lynn Colton, Helen Hanft, Bob Heide, Robert Patrick, Ellen Stewart, Eloise Harris, Mary Lou Harris , Ann Harris, Shirley Stoler, Joe Davies, Daniel Haben Clark, Charlotte Oberly, Kenny Burgess, Linda Eskenas, Jim Perkinson, Tom LaBar, John Gilman, Bill Mahoney and Doctor Paul Cranefield.

After the Cino: Books and Revivals

Includes posters from "Now She Dances", "The Madness Of Lady Bright", "Dames At Sea", "Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down", "The Haunted Host", scenes photographed of "The Loveliest Afternoon Of The Year", "Icarus's Mother", "Thank You, Miss Victoria", "The Rue Garden" and book cover reproductions of "The Birthplace of Off-Off-Broadway Caffe Cino", "Off-Off Broadway Explosion", "Playing Underground", "The Ghastly One" and "Return To The Caffe Cino".

Includes photos of Charles Stanley and Don Parker.

Moving On In Many Ways
Includes photos of plaques, one honoring Edith Laurie along with a painting of her, another honoring Joe Cino. Also included are photos of The Vampire Cowboys Troupe, Alfred Smith, Laurel Lyle, Susan Keller, Donna Forbes/Desetta, David Christmas, Robert Dahdah, Lanford Wilson, Robert Patrick, Robert Heide, Doric Wilson, William M. Hoffman, Marshall W. Mason, Claris Nelson, John Gilman, Glen Dubose, Larry Loonin, Paul Foster and Daniel Haben Clark.

Venues Inspired by the Cino

 Includes reproductions of posters from "Judas" and "Kennedy's Children".

Includes photos of scenes from "Nelson 76", "Camera Obscura", "Birds of Prey", "Bar Dykes", "Pom-Pom", "The Beaux Arts Ball", "Mirage", "The Space/Die Ruimte", "Uptight", "Pudd'n'head Wilson", "A Bad Place To Get Your Head" and "Untied States".

Included are photos of Smitty(J. Smith), Ned Van Zandt, Wayne Robson, Elizabeth Murphy, Carol Nelson, Irma St. Paule, Ron Hitchcock, Daryl Hale, Ann Sachs, Steve Schemmel, Robert Patrick, Quentin Crisp, David Weiss, Moira Fine, Yvonne Bryceland, Connie Clark, Joe Pichette, Lamar Alford, Barbara Montgomery, Denny Leone, Lynn Oliver, Lou Trapani, Ron Carrier, Andy Milligan, Gary Swartz, Ned Van Zandt, Harry Orzello, Tyrone Clark and Aaron Mason.

More Venues

Includes performance photos from "The Word Of God", "A Boy Named Dog", "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam", "Bitch", "Play-By-Play", "The Madness Of Lady Bright", "Slab Boys" and "Kennedy's Children".

Includes photos of Gary Swartz, Joseph Renard, Emily Casanova, Sandra Kane, Patricia Earnest, Robin Asquith, Frank Thornton, Sheila Hancock, Charles Stanley and David Groh.

Peculiar Works and Other Revivals

Includes recent photos of scenes from "And He Made A Her", "The Rue Garden", "The Recluse", "Sex Is between Two People", "Camera Obscura", "Daddy Violet", "Good Night I Love You", "The Bed", "Dames At Sea", "Monuments", "Interview" and "Lullabye For A Dying Man
Cino Plaque Unveiling
Includes recent photos of Cornelia street, and the dedication of a plaque which honors Joe Cino and the Caffe Cino including the the plaque itself. Included in photos of the event are Bob Heide, Christine Karatnytsky, Paul Foster, Mari-Clair Charba, Magie Dominic, Doric Wilson, John Gaure, Larry Loonin, Peter Craig, Robert Dahdah and Harry M. Koutoukas.

view Cino Page for Aria da Capo

Magie Dominic donated performance photos of Bill Mitchell, Dean Selmier and others.  "Aria da Capo was directed by Glenn du Bose .

view Goldies Galore >> Eric Krebs

Includes a flyer/poster for an adaptation of "Considering Lear", presented at45th Street Theatre in New York City.

Also includes photos of David Gallagher, Dixie Gilbert and Chuck Golden.